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At the end of September 2008, the Wall St. Journal ran an article entitled "Corporate Bonds Become Fund Managers' Favorite" (subscription required for link).  This article highlighted many of the advantages that I outlined for investing in corporate bonds earlier this year, as published in the updated version of Bulletin 1315 given below:

Bulletin 1315, Originally published February 28, 2008 (with updates)


    Why Bonds?

    Fixed Income Sectors

    What is a Bond?

    Bond Math Basics

    The Yield Curve

    Real Rates and TIPS

    Yield Spreads: A Measure of Comparative Value

    Credit Analysis: The Key to Protecting Principal

    Putting It All Together

    Three Strategies for Fixed Income Investors

    Information Resources for Fixed Income Investors

    Recommended Reading

    Some Thoughts on Buying Bonds and Working with Brokers

The original version of Bulletin 1315 is available here  (pdf, 465 kb)

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