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Income Builder is an investment newsletter that helps investors in all facets of portfolio management.  Through the Income Builder model portfolio, the newsletter addresses:

    1.   Asset allocation;

    2.   The macro picture - analysis of fundamental trending in the economy and financial markets;

    3.   Technical analysis - analysis of short- and long-term price trends on individual securities and the broader market;

    4.   Security selection - concise, yet informative analysis that includes a discussion of potential risks and rewards and offers clear buy and sell actions on stocks, bonds, mutual funds and other investments that are generally available to individual investors;

    5.   Practical tips on managing a portfolio - including buying and selling securities from broker-dealers, low-cost information sources, how to evaluate prospective investments and portfolio structuring.

Primary investment objective:  The Income Builder model portfolio seeks to achieve a long-term rate of return that is 50-100 basis points above inflation while maintaining a focus on capital preservation.  Although income-oriented securities, such as bonds and higher dividend-paying stocks are a major focus, a segment of the portfolio also includes speculative investments, such as small- or micro-cap stocks.

Income Builder is published monthly in a concise readable format.  Each Bulletin has a summary of major points on the first page and a list of specific portfolio actions taken on the last page.  In between, the Bulletin provides commentary and analysis on specific asset classes, sectors and individual securities.

Stephen P. Percoco, the editor and publisher of Income Builder, is a security analyst with more than 25 years of analytical experience.  He was formally trained in credit analysis at a major commercial bank, worked on Wall St. as a high yield debt analyst and has evaluated equity securities for more than 17 years.  He has been publisher of Income Builder for the past eleven years.

Download Free Sample issue:
   Bulletin 1402, August 2, 2013, 115 KB

Fixed Income Investing:
   Bulletin 1321, June 30, 2009, 265 KB

Total Performance of Income Builder Portfolios vs. Selected Equity Benchmarks
January 1, 2005 December 31, 2012

  1-year   3-year   5-year
  Total   Avg. Total   Avg. Total
  Return   Return   Return
  2012   2012   2012
 Dow Jones Industrials 29.7%   15.7%   16.1%
 S&P 500 32.4%   16.2%   17.9%
 Nasdaq Composite 40.1%   17.7%   22.9%
 Income Builder          
   Equity 34.3%   15.2%   16.2%
   Cash 0.0%   0.3%   0.2%
   Fixed income 0.3%   4.9%   8.7%
   Mutual funds 3.2%   1.5%   1.5%
   Gold -31.6%   -3.7%   7.5%
     Total portfolio 12.8%   7.0%   8.6%

Total Performance of Income Builder Portfolios vs. Selected Equity Benchmarks
January 1, 2013 December 31, 2013

Year-to-date Year-to-date
Total  Price
  Income Builder Portfolio Return Return
  Common stocks



  Fixed Income



  Mutual Funds



  Cash (T-Bills)









  Stock Benchmarks    
  S&P 500



  S&P Mid-Cap 400



  S&P SmallCap 600



  S&P Composite 1500 32.80%     30.12%    
  Blended Stock Benchmark 33.77%     31.40%    



  Bond Benchmarks



  Barclays Aggregate



  Barclays Treas. Composite



  Barclays U.S. Corporate



  Merrill Lynch High Yield Cons.



(Portfolio return figures include estimated commission costs, which for the stock portfolio were 0.12% year-to-date.  Blended stock benchmark equals a blended performance of the S&P 500, S&P Mid-Cap 400 and S&P SmallCap 600 based upon the relative weights of large cap, mid-cap and small cap stocks in the Income Builder model equity portfolio.  Supporting figures and commentary available upon request.)

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